Microsoft Access database-sharing across a guidance allows multiple users to

Microsoft Access database-sharing across a guidance allows multiple users to access the database information concurrently. Database sharing is essentially performed when proficient are large hold of users who need to access or modify the records on regular basis. Although database sharing provides loads of benefits, veritable additionally results in two problems €“ Database corruption besides low performance of database. In case of database being corrupted, the data stored in the database becomes inaccessible. because attain access of records in such situations, restore the records from an updated MS Access database backup. However, if no database backup is available or database backup falls short to fortify the required data, then you will need to use advanced repair access file application to repair your corrupted database.

Consider a practical example, where your Accounts database gets corrupted in multi-user environment again you receive the below error message when you attempt to mount the database:

€œThe database engine Micro Jet has stopped the treatment as a result of you and an alternative user attempts to modify the same data at the same time.€

The records stored in the Accounts database become inaccessible after you encounter the elder error ammo. Furthermore, the same error message appears each time you stab to induce the database.


The root cause due to the occurrence of the most error message is the corruption in Accounts database due to modifications made in the alike database component by two or more users.


To resolve the Accounts database corruption, you will need to follow the below steps:

1.Make a precedent of Accounts database file, hence that you importance have a backup.
2.Close the new money owed database file.
3.Delete the .ldb file.
4.Run compressed and Repair utility.

dominion markedly cases, the above steps enable you to repair your database and your database turns into accessible. but if case, the upper error message still pops augmenting consequent following the above steps, then you will passion to use powerful entry Repair application. Such access database fix gear use intensive scanning methods to repair your corrupted database and restore them on your desired place.


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